Here are three ways you can contribute to the Life During COVID-19 collection:


Email us at Just attach your image or document files and send them to us. Be sure to include:

    • A detailed DESCRIPTION: What can you tell us about the item you are sharing? Is it associated with an event or special occasion, particular people, places, or vivid memories? Feel free to tell us why you think this item is important, how you feel about it, etc.
    • Name of the CREATOR: Who created this work (photographer, author, artist, business, etc.)? 
    • DATE: When was your item created? Please provide the month/day/year if known. If you don’t know the exact date you can write “about 1982” or “in the summer of 1940,” etc.
    • LOCATION: Is there a location associated with this item (city, state, neighborhood, street address, etc.)?
    • YOUR NAME: You will be listed as the contributor of this item to the archive.


Leave your written accounts on the Des Plaines History Center's COVID-19 Stories page.


You can also email Des Plaines Memory staff directly at, or the Des Plaines History Center at


All individual contributions to Des Plaines Memory are preserved in the Des Plaines Public Library and Des Plaines History Center's digital archives, and may be used in future exhibits and programming.